The Ibizan islets

If you are planning to go to Ibiza on holiday, you have to be aware that there are many islets around this island, full of natural charm, peace and tranquility that can be visited in a day through field trips. Do you want to know what they are? Pay attention and take note!


  • S’Espartar

It is an island that belongs to San Jose. Part of the Nature Reserve of Es Vedra is Vedranell and islets of the West. In this small island is home to a species of lizards bluish and numerous birds, such as for example the red billed gull. In the arid and rocky terrain grows the plant from which the esparto grass, which is used to make ropes and twines for agricultural use, baskets, hats and tipiques espardenyes (shoes typical of the island). Now with this product are developed rugs, coasters, bags… During the summer, craftsmen come to the island to collect leaves of this plant and extract the fiber, as long as they have the permission of the Nature Reserve. Around the islet is scuba diving in its rocky bottom live octopus, moray eels and dentex.


  • Sa Conillera

The islet is located in front of the Punta d’in Rovira and can be seen from the beaches d’in Comte and Cala Conta. Sa Conillera is the largest island of the island of Ibiza, with an area of 7.29 m2. The Big Island has a lighthouse that dates back to the year 1859, the only one that came to be inhabited. This lighthouse indicates the step between Ibiza and the Peninsula, hence its importance. Also the islet has a bird-banding station, which is used for the study of the migrations of birds.


  • Ses Margalides

Are a few islets situated to the northwest of the island, in front of the Balandres Ses cliff coast, near the town of Santa Ines. This is a rugged area and with pending full of small coves where you can see the islets. Full of caves and barracuda, in this area there is an abundance of diving.


  • Tagomago

This islet is located in front of the municipality of Santa Eulalia, measures 1.525 m long and 113 meters wide. It is protected by the EU as a Special Protection Area for Birds and a Place of Community Interest. Has a lighthouse and a small port. Currently, is the property of a German businessman in Mallorca.


  • Sa Ferradura (Isla Murada)

Is located in the Bay of San Miguel. Consists of 6 hectares and she rests a mansion of 1,200 square meters. In 2006 this island was recognized as the most expensive private island in the world by Forbes magazine. It was a refuge for pirates in the 19th century VXII and inhabit it know as Muradensis lizards .


  • Espalmador

Located to the north of the island of Formentera, has 137 hectares. It consists of one of the most visited beaches by private boats, the beach of S’Alga. This beach connects with the beach of Illetas, through a stretch known as the step Es Trocadors. A lot of people crosses the 150 meters swimming, but it is not advisable because of the abundant flows. Espalmador is part of the Natural Park of Las Salinas Ibiza and Formentera and has real importance in terms of floral diversity and wildlife. In the center of Espalmador, there is a lack of Iodine, which prohibits the bathroom.


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