10 Reasons to Celebrate Your Wedding in Ibiza Like Fonsi Nieto

Make your dream of getting married in Ibiza come true. The White Island is full of colour, magic and charm, making it the ideal setting to exchange your vows. What better way to start your marriage than by following in the footsteps of the rich and famous and being inspired by the wedding of Fonsi Nieto and Ariadne Artiles? If you need more reasons, here they are just for you.


  1. Unlimited fun: You can party from Friday to Sunday in locations and settings full of glamour and style. From spas to clubs, your guests are sure to have a great time.


  2. An unbeatable wedding night: Enjoy your long-awaited first night as a married couple in a fabulous room that is like something out of a film when you stay in one of the island’s prestigious hotels. The Fonsi Nieto Ibiza wedding reception was held in Hotel Atzaró.

  3. Majestic churches: Ibiza has beautiful and impressive churches, ideal for creating a ceremony as important as your wedding. A favourite for many is San Miguel Church, the one chosen for Fonsi Nieto’s marriage to Ariadne Artiles.
  4. First-class accommodation: If you prefer to have a civil ceremony, you will find a range of captivating places to hold your wedding in Ibiza. The many coves and beaches are the most popular choice, closely followed by the impressive hotels and exclusive restaurants.
  5. Unique architecture: The island has a charming blend of historic and contemporary architecture, as well as enchanting landscapes perfect for taking hundreds of photographs in the style of the Fonsi Nieto Ibiza wedding.
  6. Mouth-watering wedding menus: Your wedding feast will have an exquisite Mediterranean flavour created from ingredients of unbeatable quality. In any of the immense variety of places to get married in Ibiza, you can be sure of enjoying an incomparable menu.
  7. Distinction for the guests: There are places to celebrate your wedding in Ibiza with a capacity for accommodating 250 guests or more so that all your loved ones can be with you to celebrate the most important day of your life.

  8. Romance in every corner: One of the most compelling reasons to hold your wedding on the island is that it provides all the intimacy and romance that you and your partner deserve. A variety of amazing locations with much more to offer than just sun, sea and sand.
  9. First-class service: Wherever you are on Ibiza, you will receive the best and warmest service that can only be provided by the inhabitants of the White Island, making you feel more than honoured.
  10. Relaxation and pleasure: Ibiza is a dreamlike place where you can relax on its paradisiacal beaches, discover its special landscapes and explore its fascinating history, letting you forget about your nerves and calmly prepare for the eagerly awaited event.


If you are looking for somewhere to hold your wedding in Ibiza, the Hotel Cas Pla provides the warmth and exclusivity you deserve on this very special day. Make your booking now!

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