Cycling routes in Ibiza

One of the best ways to discover the beautiful corners of Ibiza is by bicycle. This means of transport allows you to immerse yourself in a deep Ibiza, Ibiza natural and more rural. It is very typical of the Balearic Islands, being not very large islands, cycling, both for tourism and for the day-to-day life of its inhabitants. That is why, today I will discuss three routes that you can do in bike and discover, as well, apart from the cultural heritage of the island, fantastic beaches and a natural environment that will leave you with your mouth open. Grab a pen and paper!


1. Port Des Torrents a linear route of low difficulty with a total of 12.7 kilometers. The first stop is the Comte’s tower, which dates from 1763 and was built to protect the coast of Ibiza in the west end of the attacks invaders. The second stop is the Platja de Cala Bassa, one of the most beautiful by its turquoise water and the forest of junipers, pine trees and tamarinds that surrounds it. The last stop is the Platja de Pont des Torret, a beautiful Arenal with a wide variety of services of all kinds.


2. Sa Capelleta Cirucular route of medium difficulty with a distance of 18.7 kilometers and a duration of one hour and twenty minutes, mass or less. This route has three stops. The first is in Sa Capelleta d’in Serra chapel built to a height of 393 meters. From this chapel can be seen all over the island of Ibiza and Formentera. The second stop is in the Church of Sant Agusti des Vedra built in the 19th century. The route will end up with the landscape of the Southwest Zone, full of natural reserves of the islets of Es Vedra and Es Vedranell, and the Cala d’Hort. We also find in this area the highest part of the island.


3. Ibiza Extrem A circular route of high difficulty, with a duration of eight hours and 58.3 kilometers. For the sporty. The first stop is in the Torre des Savinar situated on the tip of Olive Oil. Completed in 1763, and since it allows you to enjoy a privileged view of the islets of Es Vedra and Es Vedranell. The next to it is in the Church des Cubells, founded in the 19th century. Finally, the intense route ends up in the Font des Verger, one of the sources of the island’s most famous and useful for human consumption, for the cattle trough, and for agricultural uses.


As you can see, the small island gives a lot of if, as there are many more. Do you dare? We challenge you to complete one of these routes that we have proposed and at the end you will be rewarded. How do you reward? With the best rest in the Hotel Cas Pla Ibiza. The exclusive hotel has the tranquility and the services that you need to rest and recover from a tired cycle route. We hope that you meet our challenge!

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