Discover Ibiza’s most romantic beaches

One of the most popular aspects of Ibiza are its beaches and coves. There are 52 beaches and countless coves and sea inlets spread throughout the island: not for nothing is it known as the Caribbean of the Mediterranean. Some beaches are largely unknown or are fairly hidden, making them ideal as romantic places to visit as a couple. Often these are ideal corners found at the end of barely signposted paths that encourage romantic mountain walks, finally coming to rest on finding crystal-clear water. For those who do not want to walk (so far) the advice is to hire a car and drive round the island in search of these beaches. Some recommendations for the real romantics are as follows:

  • Cala Bassa: Although it is the best-known beach and is full of discoes, the fact that it is one of the most extensive beaches on the island (250 metres) means that peace and quiet can be found at either end. This is why it is recommended for couples who want to get to know all the beaches in Ibiza, away from its characteristic party atmosphere. It is a beach with fine sand, not very deep, and with the appearance of a natural swimming-pool with different accesses that can be reached by car, and is one of the best beaches on the island. Due to the great activity it sees in summer, in winter it becomes an ideal solitary place to relax, so it is especially recommended as a romantic hideaway at that time of year.

  • Aigües blanques: Although nudism is permitted here, it is a beach frequented by all, from families to couples. It is a long beach with a beautiful variety of cliffs, but there are no natural windbreaks, which means that the wind creates waves that generate foam on the water, giving it its name (“White waters”). The view it offers is stunning, and it is separated from civilization by a paved road, generating a sensation of peace and constant nature. The sand is darker than usual, and the reddish cliffs contrast magically with the turquoise of the water. In the early afternoon some shade is already available, so it is ideal for keeping protected from the sun and relaxing. There is also a hammock-hire service.

  • Cala Tarida (nicknamed the “romantic cove”): Although the beach itself is very busy, by walking a bit you discover that it is surrounded by beautiful hidden coves with turquoise-coloured waters. Because access to these surrounding coves is somewhat complicated, families and tourists tend to stay at Cala Tarida itself, which is just 31 metres long, making these coves a secret refuge.

  • Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta: The first of these is better known than the second, so it is unlikely that it will be empty, but both of them are of unmatched beauty. This is a sea area surrounded by pine-covered hills, where the two coves are separated by a rocky outcrop that has to be crossed (for the less intrepid there is a path that goes through the hills). The waters are totally calm, and turquoise in colour, and it is not a beach that is frequented by tourists, making it ideal for couples who seek peace and beauty.

  • Es Portitxol (the “almost perfect” beach): This cover is completely hidden, and is the typical representation of a dream beach, protected from the wind, waves and civilization, and is surrounded by nature. Its waters are a clear blue and give the appearance of a lake, but it has the drawback of not being a sandy beach; it is a shingle beach so it is not exactly comfortable for stretching out. In spite of this, it offers total disconnection. Hardly anyone ever goes there because there is an uphill walk, with a 150 metre climb, but luckily the path that takes you there passes through one of the island’s best mountain landscapes and borders the coast, and will delight the most adventurous romantics.

  • Es Canaret: This small cove is unknown even to the natives. It is close to the Benirrás beach, much better known and much busier. It is one of the hardest coves to find because it does not appear on either maps or guides, and the road to it passes through private property (even so, it is a public beach). It is a cove with clear water and total peace and quiet that promises beauty from the start of the path that leads there, because although it was a victim of a fire, the lushness of the pines that used to be there is gradually being regenerated. 

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