Ibiza in January. What to do?

While Ibiza is one of the most visited islands during the summer season, in January few people think of it as the ideal destination. However, the start of a new year is the best time to enjoy it, as there are hardly any tourists and you’ll have the whole island to yourselves to enjoy its many charms.


Activities to Enjoy in Ibiza in January

The temperature on the island in January is very agreeable, the climate is mild and rain is rare, so it is the perfect month to put on some comfortable shoes and enjoy exploring this paradise without bumping into tourists everywhere you go. Here are some fun options to discover a different side to Ibiza in January:





The island’s coast is jam-packed during the high season but the mild winter temperatures mean that walking is the perfect activity in January if you like exploring places on foot. As it won’t be too hot, you can venture to the charming little villages in the island’s interior and discover the best-kept secrets on the shoreline, like the hard-to-access coves.


Roam the Streets of the Old Quarter and Visit Ibiza’s Museums  

During the month of January, wandering round the streets of Dalt Vila and being captivated by their beauty is a unique experience. You can climb to the top of the cathedral and contemplate the landscape from above. Plus, the museums in Ibiza have much to offer. Learn more about the island’s history and art in the Puget Museum, the Puig Molin Museum and the Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art, among others.


Delight in the Sunsets

The sunsets are the most beautiful during the winter months. This is because the atmosphere is clean, allowing you to watch the spectacle with the most clarity. So be sure to watch the sun going down in January in Ibiza; you will marvel at the play of colours between sea and sky.




Immerse Yourself in the Local Ambience

The ambience in Ibiza is much more relaxed in January as many shops, clubs and restaurants close their doors from October to March. This means you can enjoy the island in its most natural state and get to know the truly local businesses, with their warm and friendly service.


Solitary Beaches

If you love the beach, it will be an absolute pleasure for you to stroll along the seashore when it is completely empty, especially with Ibiza’s pleasant January climate. Feel at one with nature as you gaze around at the landscape. A moment to remember.

This beautiful island is not just a summer destination, you can enjoy the wonders of Ibiza in January and see its sunsets first hand by visiting the Hotel Cas Pla, a place which is sure to delight you in any month. So what are you waiting for? Make your reservation now.

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