Legends of the ibizan islet “Es Vedrá”

The Ibizan islet of Es Vedra is located in the southwest of Ibiza. He was baptized by the inhabitants of Ibiza as a landmark and enigmatic, as it is shrouded in legends of mystical character.

The vast majority of tourists who travel to Cala d’Hort to view from the beach is great stone which stands out from the islet, they don’t know about the legends that surround it, but if you feel a sense that they don’t notice in another site. This came to the ears of several psychics and parapsychologists, and what at first glance looks like a stone in the Mediterranean, is really a great accumulator of energy at the level of the pyramids of Egypt. The islet of Es Vedra, next to the Peñon de Ifach (Calpe, Alicante) and the southwest coast of the island of Mallorca are the “Triangle of Silence”, an area that say they would have similar characteristics to the “Bermuda Triangle”.

 Amazing, isn’t it? Now we tell you more…

 Fishermen who have been in the area claim that as they sailed have seen under the sea foreign objects. At the same time that when passed between Es Vedra and Es Vedranell (another smaller islet located right next door) in the navigation controls were all needles moving from one side to the other of altered form.

 But if someone really knows about the subject and who has kept us informed throughout the years, it is the journalist and writer Josep Riera, who wrote for the Diario de Ibiza.He commented that the 11 of November (month 11) of the year 1979, to the 11 of the night, a plane was going to Tenerife from Palma de Mallorca and passing by the islet was more than eight minutes beset by an unidentified flying object for which they had to make an emergency landing in the Manises Valencia airport.

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