The most expensive restaurant in the world is in Ibiza!

The most expensive restaurant in the world is in Ibiza, and is called Sublimotion. The idea of Sublimotion was born in 2012, in the workshop of research of the Chef Paco Roncero, but it is not until 2014 that opens to the public.In this invention have also collaborated with illusionist, engineers, designers, set designers, architects, choreographers and writers. It is for this reason that Sublimotion you get to merge the high gastronomy with avant-garde technology, becoming the first gastronomic spectacle in the world.


Who is Paco Roncero? It is a Spanish chef with 2 Michelin stars and 3 soles Repsol, known for its cutting edge cuisine. The owner of the restaurant of the Casino, Paco Roncero Workshop, Paco Roncero Catering… is now the creator of Sublimotion.


Where is the Sublimotion? It is located at the Hard Rock Hotel of Ibiza, in the Playa d’En Bossa (Sant Jordi de be Salines). The spectacular location of the restaurant makes it even more exclusive Sublimotion.


Why Sublimotion is different from other restaurants luxury? There is a difference in the experience that the people living in the facilities of this restaurant. In Sublimotion not only eat, but you transport to places like the desert, Central Park, the bottom of the ocean, the most famous nightclub, a leafy forest… and without leaving your chair. This is achieved by playing with the five senses of the diners. It is difficult to explain, you have to experience it!


What is the experience? After a welcome aperitif in a vintage, diners are a kind of “teleport”, a room in capsule form. This room is filled with fluorescent lights, white, gray and bluish. As diners suffer wear plates, are transported to exotic places and very surprising. In addition, Sublimotion also has 250m2 private terrace, where diners can relax after dinner.


What is the price? The available menu is priced at 1,500 euros plus VAT. Many people do not see a high price, taking into account the experience, the professionalism of the workers and the 3 hours of duration. Luxury and gourmet show is possible in Sublimotion



The reach of only a privileged few, there is Sublimotion. If you want comfort, exclusivity and tranquility we recommend the Hotel Cas Pla Ibiza. With facilities for every moment of the day, without losing the exclusivity that difference, is located on the mountain with views of the sea. Get in touch with us, if you want to live the experience of Cas Pla Ibiza!

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