Travelling to Ibiza in September

Any time of the year is good to visit the island, but without a doubt, the best month to enjoy it is September, when the summer season is coming to an end and unique conditions are presented.

The weather. After the two hottest months of the year, the thermometers begin to drop slightly and the temperature is much more pleasant, allowing you to enjoy the sun, the island and its beaches without any heatstroke and at any time of the day.


The price. The high season is over and everything is cheaper. Promotional flights, discounted tickets to the clubs can be obtained, and accommodation rates are considerably reduced. Restaurants also lower their prices so you can taste the typical dishes of the varied gastronomy of Ibiza.


The clubs. They are still open and it is when the famous Closing Parties takes place, amazing shows to close the summer season of each of the parties that have taken place over the previous two months. Moreover, not only the prices of tickets are reduced but also the queues at the entrance of the holidays.


The tranquility. As the end of summer crowds are finished and a certain calm begins to reign. It is the best time to enjoy the beaches of the island, more empty and calm and with a more select environment. In general, establishments may offer more personalized attention and hotels have more availability and better prices. It is an ideal time to go as a couple and as a family.


Festivities. If you want to know the native culture of the island, there is nothing better than to participate in the different festivities that are celebrated throughout the year, some of them in September. It is a unique opportunity to know the true personality of Ibiza and its people.


Ibiza Jazz Festival. At the beginning of the month, there is a unique meeting with music in one of the most charming places in Ibiza, the Bastion of Saint Lucia in Dalt Vila. The three-day festival brings together local musicians from the incipient Ibizan jazz scene with big names in international jazz.


Ibiza Beer Fair. Every year in the middle of the month the Fairground welcomes the enthusiasts of this drink that can enjoy a weekend of tasting with more than 150 varieties from all over the world. To cater to all audiences and create a family atmosphere, the event also features a varied cuisine, live music and activities for adults and children.


It is for some of these reasons that there are numerous international celebrities who choose this month to visit the island, so it is easy to find them strolling quietly in the streets.


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