Typical liquors of Ibiza

Spain is a country that has an important tradition of spirits. In general, the spirits made from herbs, fruits or spices. Even so, each Spanish region has its own spirits, which are part of the culture of each community. These drinks, which began to be used as a remedy doctor, are currently used with exclusivity in luxury hotels and exclusive of Ibiza. Who doesn’t want to drink a good liqueur stretched out on a hammock in front of the sea watching the sunset?

In the hotels of Ibiza, coves, beach bars and even in their own homes of the inhabitants of the island, are these spirits since they are a distinctive symbol of the natives. Among the more traditional liquors of Ibiza, highlights the following:


  • Herbal Liqueur of Ibiza

The liquor is made up of a blend of up to 28 Herbs of Ibiza in a base of anise. You can also find with rosemary, oregano, chamomile or thyme.


  • Frígola

Sweet liqueur made with thyme and a touch of orange. This delicious drink you can take alone or mixed with ice. Is usually taken at the end of the meal.


  • Liqueur of Palo

This black liquor has a great tradition, as it began to develop in the 16th and 17th centuries. Currently served in the aperitif with ice, alone or with siphon.


  • Café caleta

It is a liqueur made with coffee, brandy, rum, skins of orange, lemon skins and a touch of cinnamon. Many people says that this liquor it was invented by few fishermen in Sa Caleta, Sant Josep.


  • Absenta

Green drink made by distilling wormwood leaves and stems, which are macerated previously with other herbs. In Ibiza is one of the few absentas 100% natural.


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